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Tai Cheri a native of Santa Cruz, California began playing music at the age of three when her father introduced her to the keyboards. Two years later she picked up the violin and has been in love with it ever since. Tai began writing music at the age of seven and has played professionally since she was eleven. Living with a mother who is a flutist and a father who lends his ear to the music business, it was not hard for Tai to pr ogress musically. Living in the culturally rich area of Santa Cruz, California Tai soon became enchanted by a variety of music genre from classical to Latin. Tai Cheri honed in her violin skills through the instruction of an impeccable teacher by the name of Sarah Hart. Wanting to apply instructional theory learned through the music department at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Sarah Hart groomed Tai Cheri for the upcoming challenges as a young African-American woman playing the violin. Tai Cheri progressed very fast through her first musical challenges while associated with programs like the Branciforte Elementary School Orchestra and Cabrillo’s College Suzuki String Orchestra program.

Tai eventually moved on to higher levels of music playing as she began playing with the Santa Cruz County Youth Symphony, the Shoreline Jazz Band under Gary Frederick, and finally appearing in the Soquel High Jazz Band under the direction of Jim Stewart. It was evident that Tai had extraordinary skills as a Jazz pianist and violinist as she began to be featured as a special talent in these groups musical sequences. Playing in various competitions with the Soquel High Jazz Band, Tai Cheri’s talent became noticed by many music insiders. Little did Tai Cheri know that associates of the Berklee College of Music were scouting her musical talents. In 2003 her sophomore year of high school Tai was given a sc holarship to attend the week long Berklee in L.A summer program and eventually in 2005 she was awarded full scholarship from Berklee College of Music’s World Scholarship Tour.

Tai has graced the stage with many performers such as Eguie Castrillo, Jethro Desilva, Oscar Castro Neves, Prince Lawsha, Paul Cantos, Mark Woods and Burt Bacharach. She has played at notable clubs and venues in the Boston area as well as the San Jose Jazz Festival, Santa Clara’s Mission City Café and The Kuumbwa Jazz club in Santa Cruz, California.

In May 2009 Tai Cheri graduated from the Berklee College of Music and is currently producing her first CD. She is primed and ready to unleash her talents on the world.